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  • RMS-D-12V



    RMS-D, smoke detector for flush installation. It adapts to the architecturally sophisticated interior and remains nearly invisible.

    A useful early fire detection system does not contradict with modern architecture and design interiors. The smoke detector RMS-D can be easily integrated in every architectural concept, through its flush constructure it is nearly invisible. Nevertheless it convinces by an absolute reliable technology. The smoke detector does without a detection chamber, that is the reason why it detects fire risk earlier than other products and helps to protect humans and buildings.


    Benefits of RMS-D

    • Flush ceiling installation
    • Far-reaching detection line
    • Tamper proof
    • Mounting like point-type detector
    • Any desired colouring
    • Easy maintenance
    • Applications:
    • Hotels
    • Office buildings
    • Private living area
    • Buildings accessible to public
    • Public transportation
    • Ship and yacht building
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